Why can I declare that 2012 is the year of my miracle? 

I believe that God talks to us in many ways and all of them match the Word of God, the Bible.

The Bible is the essence of God, you just need to try it after you read.

A big secret of God was revealed in the Bible about the number 12, where God chooses one of the numbers that shows a great significance.  The number 12 is mentioned 335 times in 292 verses in Hebraic!
In the Old Testament, we can find it many times: 12 hours am, 12 hours pm, 12 tribes, 12 doors, 12 pearls, etc.; but let's leave the Old Testament behind and take a look in the New Testament.
Jesus was a mark in this world, when he came to the earth and even after his death when the Jews tried to manipulate the information and together with the Romans they refused to say the truth that His body wasn't in the place that it was supposed to be anymore.  Even with the 24 hour surveillance by the guards in that place.  The truth is that the body of Jesus was resurrected as it has been planned by God, the Father.
Jesus resurrected, and he had already chosen His 12 disciples who walked with Him during 3 years in the earth, following Him in His ministry and having an intense discipleship learning.   They learned to receive the Holy Spirit and His Word, they lived the Rhema of His teachings, and more, they were tested, forged, challenged and they were given the option to keep doing what Jesus had been teaching them after He died.
Jesus was very clear, without any complications or secrets, He challenges the 12 to be a generation that would keep doing what the Father had started.
His mission on earth was of pure obedience to execute the desire of the Lord.  So did he!
When Judas hung himself  because he couldn't win the battle between the weakness of his small soul since he has given Jesus up to the Romans. 
They were 11 disciples, but even though when they saw Jesus resurrected they obey and did what Jesus told them to do:

Then Jesus came to them and said,  “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”  Mathew 28:18-20
And they raised one more disciple to close the 12 disciples of Jesus "...Matthias; so he was added to the eleven apostles". Acts 1:26
They were not content with 11 and they fulfilled the prophecy of Jesus! 12 is 12!
Today, I am a continuous generation of this calling and this faith encouragement, fidelity and the action of this anointment that is over me.  Because the essence of Jesus is with me until the end of the times!
Under the prophetic annunciations, 2012 will bring my Miracle.  And under the Apostolic Anointment, we declare that in the Spiritual World that the miracles will follow us, and we believe it!!
And we will see the signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit acting through us!
A big hug to everyone!
Have a faithful heart, full of hope in Jesus Christ!
Don't give up, only obey your calling!

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