2012 Will Be Better Than 2011!

It's a New TIME and a new SEASON ! 
During 2011 I had many victories; after many battles, of course. God intervened on impossible situations through my non-stop prayer and perseverance. Everything that apparently was lost I left in God's hands and He took care of it. I had long time dreams and desires of my heart fulfiled and God blessed me beyond my expectations. One of the most important blessings I received in awe and with joy was a family relationship restoration. Another dream fulfilled was a supernatural and anointed trip to the Holy Land ( Israel ). God just continuously blessed our family and through every situation we received more wisdom and maturity.
What an amazing God ! The real and true God that I gladly serve. He can understand the human's heart. He can hear us, He can see us all the time, He has hands to hold us and mouth to send a command and give us directions Well, He is our creator and designer.  This is my beloved and awesome God of unfailing love.
We need to believe in Him and desire Him with all that we have: our soul and mind, in order to have a daily and real relationship with Him. He awaits for me and you, everyday. What else can I say ? He is love and His and mercy endures forever. I want to dwell in His presence forever. My protector and fortress will direct my path during this new year of 2012 because I desire to please Him.  
2012 will be MUCH BETTER than 2011. My past does not bind me, it only edifies my present and improves my future. 
Our God is good ! Lord and Savior.

Desire Him in your life and have a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS 2012  in the presence of an amazing God. 

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